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Volunteering at Neighborhood Health was definitely an important experience for me, especially as a nursing student. I got to deal a lot with insurance, especially the daunting Medicaid. It has taught me that while insurance will ultimately affect the access to medical care my patients will have, it will not affect the amount of compassion and care I will give to my patients.

For the last two weeks of volunteering, I got to shadow a nurse. Because they were in the process of opening the new clinic, I got to see behind the scenes of this process. I participated in documenting and learning about medicines, vaccines, and medical equipment. I also got to see a couple of patients with my nurse, in which she demonstrated what it means to be an attentive, compassionate nurse. I believe this overall experience will really benefit me in my career as a nurse. I enjoyed listening to the nurse’s stories and implementing the medical jargon I only reserved for class. Volunteering at Neighborhood Health taught me how crucial other factors such as insurance plays in the real world and how diligent people can still strive to give the highest quality of care despite this. These are experiences and advice I cannot learn in the classroom and I am glad Neighborhood Health opened their doors for me and allowed me to experience this.

​- Christine Guzman

Volunteer Experience

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